Friday, January 30, 2015

Five On Friday

[ one ]

twice this week griff has woken up from his nap but wasn't quite ready to actually be awake,  so we spent almost a good hour together rocking.  cuddling like that hasn't happened in well over a year and it was good for my heart.

[ two ]

i enjoyed three days away last week in the metroplex for a children's ministers retreat. while i had a good time at the retreat, i can't act like i wasn't just as excited to spend some quality time at north park mall. of course,  the one time i have my christmas money burning a whole in my pocket, there was nothing cute to be found.  don't you hate it when that happens?

[ three ]

back in november we started having some water pressure issues.  showering, filling the tub, washing dishes, and doing laundry were all become hard to actually accomplish.  we do have an older home, so we were afraid it might be a leak or something major along those lines, but our water bill wasn't higher and everything looked fine under the house.

last weekend cody was rinsing something off outside and noticed a spigot in the ground next to the faucet. he messed with it a little bit, came in, tested the pressure and discovered something major. turns out that spigot actually controls the water to the house. he thought it controlled the faucet and turned it down low BACK IN NOVEMBER before our first major freeze.

we've had a good laugh about it but are also thankful it wasn't something wrong with our house!

[ four ]

Our MOPS speaker today was a lady who owns a nursery. [ gardening, not children. ] she talked a lot about native plants to our area and what will grow best here that are very drought tolerant. i asked how often to water and as it turns out, it seems to be that i might be killing my plants because i'm drowning them! turns out that they need to dry out between waterings... not stay soaking wet. (going three weeks between waterings probably didn't help either!)  she gave us a list of butterfly and hummingbird attracting plants so i'm hoping to (maybe, finally, dreaming of ) have a green thumb this  year!

[ five ]

cody is currently gone to passion with our high school students.  why is it that everything in your house seems so much scarier when you're alone? i have triple checked to be sure all doors are locked [with chains in place] and am now considering leaving the lamps on all night in the living room in case i wake up and need to check for intruders. please tell me i'm not the only one who turns into a baby for one night alone?????

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Big Emotions.

A few weeks ago I read a post on the Hands Free Mama blog that I really loved.  If you haven't read it, you should. The jist is to take a three second pause before reacting to your kids in stressful situations to keep yourself from doing something you're going to regret. It really is such a challenging post and a great thought to live by.

Did you know though, that when you are watching your child [in slow motion, of course] purposefully take a pool noodle and whack his friend in the face, it's really hard to remember to take a three second pause before responding to him.  Especially when it happens in front of a room full of mothers and all you can think is: why did you have to do it here??????

Later that night as I was thinking back on what happened I realized I better get a game plan for next time he hits. Because I do imagine there will be a next time and spanking as a punishment for hitting is just a little contradictory. [ how did you handle this seasoned moms? ] The other thing that struck me last night is how hard it must be to be two.  I imagine that Griffin probably experiences the same emotions I do during a certain time of the month. Only, I only have to deal with it a few days a month and he's experiencing it every twenty-four hours. Can you imagine what that must feel like? Thankfully, his brain forgives and forgets much quicker than mine. I need a three second pause to remember that it's hard to be two and this big emotion we're dealing with will soon give way to another big emotion.

Last night's regret was still playing in my head today as Griffin was throwing toys after I told him not too. The wooden train hitting my head required a firm talking to [ does it sound like we've hit the terrible two's? ] and I sent him off to his room to be by himself because he was not being nice.  Would you believe that being sent to his room brought out just as many tears as the spanking? Big emotions.

It must be so hard to be two. And some days, it's so hard to be a momma.  I give in to the big emotions and forget to pause and end up with some regrets.  Thankfully though, he forgives and forgets and soon enough I'm reminded that this stage has some big emotions, but the throwing and hitting and crying for no apparent reason pale in comparison to the best big emotion.

A hug, a kiss and "I lub you."  It's so great to be a momma.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

3 Months [a look back]

sigh. i was looking through old drafts and found this one in there. where did my baby go?  i miss those leg rolls, but i am thankful griff has kinda grown into his big head! :)






Friday, January 9, 2015

Five On Friday

[ one ]

happy new year! we had plans to have a wild night celebrating with our youth group but the party got cancelled because of some crazy ice weather we had. cody and i ended up renting four movies and watching them all in one day while cuddled up on the couch. basically, we watched more movies in one afternoon on the last day of the year than we saw all year long in the theatre.  the ice also delayed us from being able to go and pick up griffin who was with the grandparents. i was majorly bummed, but we did enjoy staying up late and sleeping in while he was gone. it's a shame he won't let me sleep in till 10:30 every day!


[ two ]


christmas is so much fun with toddlers.  griff is obsessed with all things "mcqueen" right now and we got him a ride on four wheeler for his big christmas present. i thought it would be a great toy for him to ride around our "track" [aka the loop you make through our kitchen, hallway and living room] but it turns out he's not the best at steering. i took him up to the church to ride in the gym to get some practice and save my cabinets and i know now how we're going to make it through the winter. he loved racing and even took a break to preform a half time show.

[ three ]

you may have noticed that gas prices have been dropping recently. great for my wallet, but not the best when you live in a town that is economically fueled by oil. our gas is typically 20 - 30 cents higher than the big cities around us, but i was floored when we were driving home for christmas and it was $1.89 as we were pulling into town. apparently the enthusiam for which i  said the price was contagious, because all of a sudden we started hearing "dollar eighty nine!" over and over from the back. so now g has a new trick that he will occasionally do on command!

[ four ]

as it is the new year, i know i should be a bandwagoner who tries to lose weight. it's just so cold outside though i'm having a hard time wanting to do any physical activity that would require me to get out of my warm clothes. i'm telling myself that once it's warm i'll be better (and by warm i only mean above freezing, which will be a vast improvement for us.) so instead of working out, we're focusing on trying to not eat out for the month. i'll be happy if we can just make it three weeks.  tonight i made calzones for dinner and it actually felt almost as satisfying as going out. i should also clarify that i didn't "make" the calzones at all. we discovered on a ice day walmart run that they have calzones in the deli section that all you have to do is bake. they're $2.50 and really delicious.   we will probably have calzone fridays for the rest of the month...until we can go back to whataburger!

[ five ]

we are final looking to upgrade our tv from the small one we bought 7 years ago when we got married. in our research we found this one:


while i would like to make a joke that it's the one we're getting, i just can't even wrap my mind around the fact that some people pay $25,000 for a tv!! i'm assuming these are celebrities who buy tv's like this, but i guess i would have thought that they got it somewhere fancier than best buy. guess i should feel comforted that they shop at the same places as the rest of us... only on a much larger budget!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hello Old Friends

I know, I know. Looooooooooooong time no blog. I was telling my sister in law over the Thanksgiving break that as much as I love Griffin and this 2 year old stage, it is so exhausting! As much as I would love to do a lot of creative things, I'm all tapped out at the end of the day. Hence the reason it's been over 7 weeks since anything has been posted here. I would like to stay things will get better soon.... but no promises!

What a better place to start that an update on Griff?

This dude. Just the perfect blend of sweet and orneriness! It's so funny to see what his mind comes up with these days. I will catch him doing something he's not supposed to be doing and he will instantly try to give me a hug or a kiss to try and make me forget what he was doing.  He is still obsessed with all movies, though Toy Story 3 seems to the one that gets most repeated. (Which is at least a break from Cars over Thanksgiving. I'm not sure mom could handle one more viewing of MaKeen!)

His love of movies did come in handy on our trip to Ruidoso for Thanksgiving.  Poor guy had pink eye so he wasn't feeling his best which I'm sure subdued him a bit for the trip, but he basically watched movies for the full 5 hour drive and never once complained about being stuck in his car seat.    We were so thankful he did so well and are now much more willing to take him back. (Though, vacation is Ruidoso with a toddler isn't quite the same as without one! ;)

Griff and Jax had a blast together. It's so fun to see them play. (Also, so humbling to have Griff yelling "NO SIR JAX!! NO SIR!!" Surely he only hears that at daycare... right?!) G man lives up to his role as the older cousin and bosses Jax around.  I like to pretend he gets that from his dad!

The worst part of Thanksgiving was coming home. We arrived back to shredded curtains, knocked over decorations and a mess in our house.... caused by a squirrel. Yes. A SQUIRREL.

It got in through a hole over our stove and wrecked a little bit of havoc while we were gone. Cody was able to put a trashcan over him and carry it outside to get rid of him and then I started cloroxing everything possible. There's nothing like the creepy feeling of not knowing what all a squirrel walked on in your house and worrying that you're going to wake up in the middle of the night cuddled up beside you. Ugh. I start squirming just thinking about it! The story made for a good children's sermon (sometimes we have big plans to do great things for God and the devil throws a squirrel our way to mess them up) and as I told our church this morning, Cody is currently the only rodent living in my house :). (totally joking of course. I had his permission to say it and they all laughed!)

Last thing.... we've been saving up for quite a while in hopes of joining a super cool club. It actually turned out to be a long ordeal, but the short version is this:

We now own a mini van and couldn't be more excited! (I know... not many willingly want to join this club!) Give Cody 15 minutes of your time and he'll sell you on why you should own one too!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

31 Days - Book Club


Don't worry, I'm not going to suggest that you start a book club with your minister! What am I going to suggest is that when you read a good book that deals with an issue we are or will eventually help church members through, tell us about it! There are new books coming out all of the time and it can be hard to keep up with what all we should be reading. Coupled with the fact that there can be so many issues on one topic, sometimes just randomly picking one out  can result in reading a dud. So, give us the name of the book in writing,  [because it would be really easy to forget the title otherwise!] lend us your copy or buy us one of our own, either way, help bless your minister by encouraging them to read!


see all 31 days here

Monday, October 20, 2014

31 Days - Date Night


This one is so easy. All it takes is a simple card with money in it to surprise your minister and their spouse with a date night! We had this first happen to us over the summer at the start of our long stretch - VBS, then Junior High camp, followed immediately by High School camp. Our church member simply said, "I know you work so hard and y'all are so busy. I appreciate all you do and hope you enjoy this."

Now, we're young, with a toddler and on a rather tight budget, but this is a gift that any age of minister would appreciate.  Ours included date night money and babysitting money, but it wouldn't have to be that much depending on the kid status of your ministers and the restaurant quality in your town. (we're lacking in nice sit down places!)  We were ridiculously giddy happy about it. Plus we got to use our date night after our camp craziness, which helped us to reconnect. It may only be money to you, but to us, it's sign that you appreciate us and want to help make our marriage a priority.  Invest in your minister's marriage to invest in the health of your ministries!