Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It's once again that time: What I Wore Wednesday! with The Pleated Poppy {note: this is not only what I wore on Wednesday. It's documenting outfits from all week, though I miss some days.}

Thursday - Work



{special thanks to my mom for inspiring this one!}
Cardigan: Target, last year
Button Up: Old Navy, last year
Skirt: Loft, September
Pearls: Gift from S-I-L
Shoes: Target, too many years to remember!

Casual Friday for Work



Jeans: Old Navy
T-Shirt: College Bookstore
Slouchy sweater: Forever 21, September
Shoes, Target, ?
Flower Pins: Made by me!

Sunday - Church



Jacket: Old Navy, last year
Dress: Forever 21, 2007 (um yikes, is it time to pass it on?!)
Boots: Target, last year

Fake It Till You Make It Monday



Sweater: Loft, October
Skirt: Thrifted, $2!
Boots: Target, last year
Hodge podge of necklaces thrown together

Tuesday - Work



Cardigan: Target, last year
Dress: Franchesca's, September
Shoes: Sofft, Dillards last year

In case you missed last week, I mentioned that, while I really enjoy WIWW, I do feel like I'm in a grown up version of  taking MySpace pics! So, I've decided to keep track of the best MySpace pics... here ya go! This week's best Myspace shot: {I put a little extra effort into it!}




  1. Great shirt with the pearls, so chic and the cardigan with the leopard print belt is fabulous. have a wonderful week honey. ax

  2. Oh, yes, you did! Adorable! My favorite is your cuted up version of your casual Friday wear! So stylish!

  3. I love ALL of these. Especially the first outfit and bright purple skirt!
    Cardigans and Cookie Dough

  4. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I am dying over your MySpace pic! My son is 17 and EVERY GIRL on his friend's list looks JUST LIKE THIS. (ok you have style and are fully clothed. There is a difference) I always do that same pose when I'm teasing him!

    Your outfits are really cute, but you really made my day with that photo!

  5. Cant believe you only paid $2 for that cute skirt!

  6. cute outfits! you are adorable... LOVE your hair!
    also the F21 dress circa 2007 is super cute so hang on to it :)

  7. Love the last pic. Too funny! You're very photogenic.

  8. Great outfits this week! I love them all. I always look forward to Wednesdays; you're so good about blogging throughout the week. {jealous}

  9. A.) All of your outfits are fantastic, but my fave was your FITYMI outfit. So gorgeous with all that color!

    B.) We're getting a Forever 21 here in Chatt this spring and I can't wait!

    C.) That last pic is known as "duckface" and there's a website dedicated to showcasing it, a la Awkward Family Photos :)


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